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// 3-6 Months Program

Build a high-scale Outbound engine

Stop using inefficient, time-consuming outbound tools. Create an automated outbound engine that really scales, converts and hardly takes any resources from your team.

Top 3 mistakes when doing outbound
Looking up
data manually

Time is invaluable. Having your sales team spend time searching for contacts and emails is a costly endeavor. Why not leverage an automated engine for this purpose?

Using cheap tools to
get contact information

Online databases and tools initially provide promising leads, but over time, they become less effective, resulting in repeated contact data and a lack of new leads to engage with.

Creating chaos
or getting blocked

In large-scale outbound efforts, engaging with thousands of contacts per month can lead to duplicate leads, poor quality, or domain blocks, making recovery difficult.

// this Program's contents
Scale your Outbound efforts with a proven system
Set the strategy
Create your enrichment engine
Build your outreach engine
Launch, analyse and improve
Scale your Outbound efforts with a proven system

Define your ideal targets and identify lead sources to continually fuel your account database, ensuring a sustainable stream of leads.

Clearly define your target audience (ICP & Buyer Persona)

Conduct an in depth Market Research

Build an extensive Account Database to draw from


There are tons of lead databases out there, but no quality is as good as when you build your own enrichment process.

A process that finds the exact buyer persona leads you need

Enrich all the important data points for high personalisation

Top-notch quality with bounce rates below 5% at scale


A sophisticated outbound engine that is deeply integrated with your CRM

Outbound tooling is setup

Your CRM is integrated with the process

Ready to launch highly targeted multi-channel campaigns


Once the engine is installed, we start sending the first campaigns. Your team is trained on the process and by setting up a rapid experimentation processes conversion rates are maximised over time.

Campaigns are launched at scale

The team is fully trained on the outbound engine

Campaign results are analysed and conversions maximised

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For whom is this program?

This program is a perfect fit for organizations that

- Are early stage and need to test different markets

- Are in GTM stage and need to create traction

- Are in scaling stage and want to massively fuel their pipeline

Why is it better to build an outbound engine internally?

Only an outbound engine allows you to..

Provide several thousands of contacts per month for your specific Ideal Customer Profiles

Operate with quality at scale, sourcing the exact info you need while remaining below 5% bounce rate

Be integrated with your CRM to have clean data and stay in control

Be manageable by a junior sales or marketer at your company with minimum time efforts as most of the work is automated or outsourced

Be flexible, to use it for demand testing, sales scaling, pre-warming event leads or even hiring

What is the program’s runtime?

The enablement program usually takes 3-6 months until completion including the training and internal adoption.

How many resources should I allocate for the collaboration?

High-level stakeholders are only involved at the strategic level at the beginning of the project. After that, a 30-minute check-in per week is sufficient. In the first two months, we set everything up for the customer (done for you format), after which the operational stakeholders are activated and trained. In order to carry out your outbound process, you have to calculate around 2-3 preparation days per month, depending on the amount of campaigns.

What’s the price of the program?

Prices vary depending on the package. In general, the prices for "Startup Enablement" are better than with agencies or consultants because the customer works with us together and even gets more benefit from it. For more information arrange a call with us.