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Work with true startup veterans to scale your revenue

Trusted by 100+ startups & Tech SMBs

Follow proven step-by-step programs to build the needed systems to scale while getting hands-on support from true startup veterans.

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90% of Companies fail because they operate by trial and error
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Our unique approach to nail it from the start

Every growth stage requires different tactics and systems to reach the next level. Instead of trial and error, your teams will follow proven processes to build the necessary foundations and apply the right methods that enable your startup to grow to the next stage.

Work with true
Startup Veterans

While there are many advisors and consultants out there, at Peakora you work with truly startup-experienced veterans who have themselves lived through high-growth phases only a few have experienced.


By combining project management, operative support, and our full-scale knowledge platform, your team actively implements the necessary systems together with us and gains the invaluable and necessary experience for long-term success.

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Stage based Programs
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Stage based Programs
Product Market Fit
A bullet-proof process to launch your business

Most startups fail due to a lack of product-market fit. Follow a proven step-by-step process and get coached by a serial entrepreneur to massively reduce the risk of failure, grow faster, and attract users, customers, and investors.

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Launch your GoToMarket successfully and boost your traction

When entering the GTM Stage, things need to change. What has been done manually before, now needs proper processes. The entire business model, strategy, and operational processes need to be aligned, before making any step towards building up traction. Otherwise, you'll find yourself on square one again faster than you can think.

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Scale your company with a data-driven approach

Build the needed foundations to scale and up-skill your entire organisation. Apply the same tactics and frameworks that billion-dollar startups used to grow their businesses.

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Domain based Programs
Work with true Startup Veterans
Don’t believe us, believe our customers
100+ happy tech companies
How is Peakora's Startup Enablement Platform different from all the other startup services out there?

Startup Enablement is a unique method we developed after having faced numerous scaling challenges ourselves when working at high-growth startups before. Startup Enablement consists of 3 main pillars:

1. A clear roadmap and all templates and frameworks needed to bring a company from A to B as fast as possible and without making costly mistakes

2. A knowledge platform with which the necessary skills are transferred to the company

3. Hands-on support and guidance by true startup veterans that have done this before to ensure the fasted impact on the business

If you need operational support you go to an agency.

If you want to learn about something you read a book.

If you want high-level advice you go to an advisor.

If you want to bring your company to the next level as fast as possible, then you need to follow a proven process, you need to ready your team for this, and you need people that support you hands-on. This is startup enablement.

How can I determine if your programs are suitable for my startup?

We have a dedicated program for each startup stage

How do I assess which program fits my needs best?

Depending on your startup's stage, we have 3 main programs that cover your needs:

- Product Market Fit: You are an early stage startup that understands how important it is to validate the problem and solution first.

- Go to market: You have a validated solution and now you are ready to building up traction on the market.

- Scaling: You have paying customers and are ready to grow​ and scale

Additionally, we have several Domain specific programs that will help you according to your challenges and needs. In a first call we can help you identify your challenges and needs.

What happens in the first call?

Within 30 minutes we get to know each other, you share what your goal is and together we identify your challenges ahead. We explain to you how we would approach it and if we agree that there is mutual interest we schedule a follow up call to show you exactly how we can help you.