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Services and fees


Peakora (RLGH AG) offers enablement programs and services to help startups grow. 


Before we start any collaboration, both the scope of the collaboration is presented and agreed on as well as the fees. An order form is shared and to be signed by both parties.


Flat fees and packages are invoiced in advance, if not further defined and agreed on by both parties in the order form. Our invoices are payable within 20 days.


Note that our presented fees do not include VAT. On the final order form, VAT will be shown.


Intellectual property


Any of the provided templates, frameworks and information is to be used for the intended business purpose, but not beyond (we retain all copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to our work). It’s not allowed to share any material provided by Peakora with any other third party which is not a client of Peakora that might use our work out of self-interest.


Talent and Employment


It’s not allowed to directly employ or work with any of our employees or freelancers until 12 months after our collaboration without the consent of Peakora. If you wish to do so regardless, this comes with a fee equal to one-third of the annual fees or salary that you pay to the respective person.

Liability and confidentiality

We are liable to each other only for direct damages and up to the amount of the fees paid in the last 12 months prior to the damaging event. There are a few exceptions to this – such as willful misconduct or gross negligence – required by law.

We treat your confidential information with the highest confidentiality standards and process your personal information only as needed.


Platform Access

For some of our services, especially the enablement programs, clients will have access to our knowledge platform. Our knowledge platform is a whitelabel solution provided by the company Kajabi LLC and hence the personal data of our clients clearly limited to email address, first name and last name will be shared with Kajabi LLC to create accounts to the platform. For any shared personal information Peakora is not liable and the information is protected by Kajabi’s own privacy policy.

For any other terms in regards to the platform we refer to Kajabi’s Terms & Conditions. In case of a temporary inaccessibility of the knowledge platform, Peakora will make sure to provide the needed information and material to the client through different mediums.

Termination and law

You can terminate our professional relationship by email. In this case, No reimbursement will be paid for any already started programs or purchased packages. Changes to this might be defined in the order form. We will continue to protect your confidential information after termination. Substantive Swiss law applies and the courts of the city of Zurich have exclusive jurisdiction.