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Our Startup veterans

Leverage the expertise of startup-experienced veterans who have successfully navigated high-growth phases. Benefit from our first-hand experience and profound understanding, as we guide you towards achieving remarkable success.

// Where our Startup Veterans ARE from
The Peakora Core Team

At Peakora, you will work with startup veterans who have lived through high-growth phases that only a few have experienced, whether it's the core team or the program-specific experts, all of whom are seasoned experts in their field.

Joel l. Capt
CEO & Founder
Janine Tricoire
Marketing Lead & Partner
Tim Eckert
Client Lead & Partner
Lucas Maliczak
Outbound Lead & Partner
Alberto Toledo
Boris Manhart
Program Expert - PMF
Linus HAferkemper
Program Expert - CS
Lanny Heiz
Program Expert - CRM
Lennart schirmer
Program Expert - B2C
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The Peakora Domain Experts

While much of Switzerland's leading talent is still strongly involved in contributing and building up their own ventures, we managed to win them for our network of industry leading experts. For any challenge that comes up on your road to scale, we have the right people to support you hands-on.

SEO & Content Strategy
Sandro Meyer
Co-Founder of Growthbay
​​Jev Glazunova
Founder of Consumer-centric
Inbound Marketing
Frank Mickeler
Domain Expert Inbound Marketing
Isabelle Weber
Founder of Weber CFO Consulting
B2C Marketing
Tino Köhler
VP Product & Growth at Alao AG
Thomas Pohle Head of Marketing at Smino
Partner Channel
Andreas Rinner
Head of BD at Archlet
Account Based Marketing
Natasha Sandoval
Senior VP Marketing at Scandit
Matthew Brandt
Co-Founder AnalyticsCamp
B2C marketing
Lennart Schirmer
ex P&G, Tinder, Blinkist