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// 3 Months Program

Setup your Hubspot CRM
to scale

Want to avoid a big mess and large costs down the line? Make sure to set up your Hubspot CRM correctly and created the needed efficiency for your teams and organisation

Most common mistakes when setting up Hubspot
Just start
using it

While the ease of use of Hubspot is amazing, it can also create a big mess down the line that needs to be cleaned up at some point. Investing in the beginning into a proper setup will save you tens of thousands of dollars down the line.

Not customizing it
to the company

Every CRM is just an empty hull without the right setup. Implementing the correct marketing & sales processes in line with industry standards is crucial to create the needed efficiency.

Lack of

No CRM works without the people. Changing to a new system is a big change for many. And when the needed training and onboarding is not there, the project is often doomed to fail.

// this Program's contents
Our step-by-step process to launch successfully
Definition and documentation
QA and Testing
Our step-by-step process to launch successfully

Ensure that all your processes are correctly defined and aligned to run efficiently.

Marketing- & Sales Processes are defined

Properties across all objects are adapted to your needs

Lifecycle Stages & Lead Status are aligned to your process

The checklist of 20+ object definitions is completed


The conceptionally defined system is getting built and implemented

Foundational work is setup

Marketing Hub is setup and aligned

Sales Hub is setup and aligned


All systems, workflows, and data processes need are tested and validated

Data flows correctly into your CRM

Data is processed correctly

Marketing & Sales People are automatically triggered where action is needed


Your teams are trained and enabled on the Hubspot System

Your admin users know how to manage Hubspot

Your Marketing users know how to operate Hubspot

Your Sales people know how to work efficiently with Hubspot

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no sugarcoating, but concrete improvements

"In contrast to other providers, Peakora never tried to sugarcoat a situation and was always open and honest. I was impressed by the competence, the fundamental domain expertise and the goal-oriented and efficient implementation.”

Serge Eggler
Outstanding communication and dedication

“The collaboration with Peakora was with outstanding communication to all stakeholders involved. The team was willing to step up and go the extra mile and no matter how difficult the challenge, it was always a respectful and proactive atmosphere.”

Damian Schurtenberger
Head of Marketing
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100+ happy tech companies
For whom is this program?

For anyone that wants to scale with Hubspot and purchases Hubspot Marketing or Sales Professional

What is the program’s runtime?

The enablement program usually takes 3 months until completion including the training and adoption. The actual implementation is often done within the first 2 months.

How many resources should I allocate for the collaboration?

As a rule of thumb, each member should reserve an afternoon per week for these topics. However, as we are working on core business topics that directly impact your growth, this work often becomes the main task your team is working on.

What’s the price of the program?

Prices vary depending on the package. In general, the prices for "Startup Enablement" are better than with agencies or consultants because the customer works with us together and even gets more benefit from it. For more information arrange a call with us.